An Upcycled Newsboy Hat for Me

It all began a few months ago when my husband brought home a Stormy Kromer hat. 

It's classic, stylish, and functional design was perfect for this soon to be homesteader!  I tried it on and knew I wanted one just like it ~ Except for the shape. And the brim. And the size. {I'm sure you're as picky about your hats as I am}  I set to making a pattern;  cutting, sewing, and rejecting a small fortune in soft fuzzy sweaters.  Frustrated, and a bit defeated, I set the project aside knowing that one day I'd figure it all out. 

Two months later, as I was ironing some linen for a pair of waldorf doll pants, I noticed the iron plate was the exact shape I was looking for!  I measured and voila, perfect fit!!

A few handmade silver buttons gifted to me by my dear friend over at HorseTribe, and it's finished!

I LOVE the way it turned out, and you'll definitely be seeing a few of these upcycled newsboy hats in the shop~