Stop~Motion Animation

Inspired by their friend, Parker, Jake and Cole have become enthralled with stop~motion animation this week.  Cameras in hand, they each have taken to creating their own versions of the old school films.  It's a fantastically magical art form that is created by moving an object in small increments between each photograph.  The photos are then uploaded onto movie maker (both the standard Apple and PC version work well for this) where music and text may be added!  I'm not allowed to share their films just yet, but here are a few shots from Cole's perspective.  I'm probably slightly biased, but I do believe Cole has a gift for photography! 

Here's a list of links to help your kiddo's get started:
youtube: stop motion animation

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for part 4 of the t~shirt tutorial!!


  1. what a cool project- My monkeys would love this- thanks for the link- and I look forward to seeing your littles ones final results.

  2. I hope they'll let me post it when they finish!