Psych out Spring

Remember last week when it was 52 degrees for a few days, the sun was shining and we had a wee glimpse of Spring, Psych out Spring it's been called?  That was nothing more than a loathsome trick February played on us, because we woke up this morning to a 10 inch blanket of white powdery snow and it still continues to fall.  The boys and I decided to embrace the blizzard this morning and walk to the sledding hill for a few short minutes of snowy bliss, then back to the house for some hot cocoa and water color painting.

Even under a blanket of snow, Spring is definitely in the air.  You can smell it in the wind or the way the trees have lifted their branches to the late afternoon sun, and even the lone Robin, Jake said he saw trying to make it's way home.  I've been trying to bring in the spirit of Spring too with some new upcycled eggs and ultra soft cashmere bunnies stuffed with hand carded wool, along with some unique upcycled Japanese Zakka baskets.

It's a good thing bunnies reproduce so fast, as many of them have already been spoken for!  I hope to have them all finished and in the shop next week!

What signs of Spring are you noticing in your neck of the woods?

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  1. I know what you mean.... few days ago when it was a whole 62 degrees (in february!), I could certainly feel spring fever coming on. :) Well reality is back and it is frigid .. but all the same we did some exploring ... was there any sign that the sleeping garden was unearthed ... how deep was that snow under foot....

    absolutely love blue bunny!