Cabin Fever Contraption Challenge

Cabin Fever Contraption Challenge: Use only the items on the table to make a workable contraption.  No time limit.  Imagination required.

 Lucas rigged up a blow dart gun using a clamp, a skewer, and a straw.

Cole rigged up a zip line using a fishing reel, a cow bell, and a gaggle of vintage army men.

Jake equipped our hallway with a trip wire that sent a giant ball of mesh hurling at your knee when activated. 

I, on the other hand, created something slightly less violent.  A yarn swift made from bamboo skewers and a kleenex box.  It really works!!

What are you doing to thwart off cabin fever?


  1. Playing outside in the sun? (:

    Yes, you're allowed to loathe us. Just take pity on us when we start boiling water in the shade this summer.

  2. I can't wait to play in the warm sun! And yes, I will be glad to take pity on you in the heat of the blistering summer months:)

  3. We almost turned the air conditioning on the other evening. Can you believe that? Some days it's like we skipped Spring altogether!

  4. That's crazy talk! It's a balmy 10 F above today:) I'm really hoping for a nice long spring like last year. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. aah boys - i have two and the oldest does tend to create things that uncreate rather than create sometimes! still I guess they are boys and then I see him loving his babies or gently sat with a chook and it is all good!

  6. We just don't get much in the way of Spring. Sure, the windows have been open for several weeks. But the high has been near 80 much of the time. There was little between a high of 50 and 80. One day of rain and then *zoom!* But things are growing! And I love it! Our Japanese magnolia tree has blossomed - it's like a piece of faerie in our front yard. My bulbs (that I forgot about) are popping up. And it's getting too late to sew most of my seeds. North Florida is crazy.