12 Days of Solstice...

It seems like every year we've naturally evolved farther and farther away from the traditional christmas rites and closer and closer to a celebration that is more about our relationship with the earth.  This year, we've decided to celebrate the season with 12 days of family activities, loosely based around John Matthew's The Winter Solstice:  The Sacred Traditions of Christmas.  For the next 12 days, I'll be posting a daily photo of our journey out of the darkness and back into the light...


  1. I'm looking forward to your coming entries. In the past few years I've come up against this wall that has left me rethinking how we celebrate this time of year, too. I'm really excited about the new traditions that are developing in our household.

  2. Thank you all so much~ We're really excited to see what the next 11 days unfold!