Sneak Preview

I am beyond excited to present to you a little sneak preview of what's in store for tomorrow's giant listing~

A little bit of this...
image of hand dyed worsted weight wool yarn
hand dyed yarns

And a wee bit of that...

Image of patch work pixie hood cape made from upcycled sweaters
(It fits Luke)

(and Jake)

(and me!)

And can you say wool sweaters + vintage trim = Love.  I will definitely be making a pair like these again!!
Image of green upcycled longies made from a wool sweater and vintage trim
upcycled longies

I hope to be posting these, along with a few surprises, on Etsy tomorrow evening around 7pm or so depending on the weather;)  If it's as beautiful as it was today, it might be more like 9pm!!  Not many 60 degree days left, so we're soaking up as much warmth as we can!

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