Off~Grid Knitting

The task of trying to find the perfect land for our off~grid homestead can be a bit daunting, so instead of dwelling on what I can't have, yet.... I knit. (While my husband reads me property listings and my sons tell me their dreams of raising chickens and having a hundred barn cats!)

As you can see, I've been knitting a lot (aka. we've visited a lot of disappointing properties in the last month)...

For Jake's sweater, I kettle dyed the wool a handsome charcoal gray and designed a top down pattern with generous ribbing around the cuffs and waist to give it a more youthful appeal.  The only problem I had with this design is the neck ended up a bit wider than I would have liked.  Jake loves a wide neck, but I'll be changing that when I write the pattern up for sale.

He acts all indifferent, but really the sweater hasn't been off in at least five days!  
{I think it may be love.}

And of course I had to design him a slouchy hat to match...

Except, I like the fit so much that I may just keep it for myself!

Luke, feeling left out in the hat department, requested my foxy hat pattern.  He picked out a ball of chunky Cascade Eco Wool I dyed last summer. I wasn't quite sure about the colors, but it suits him perfectly.  After the last end was sewn in, he proceeded to bribe me with a kiss to take his picture (and then instruct me how to take the photo).  Seriously, I can't say no to a kiss!

I'm sure that like everything in life,  all will happen in good time.... but for now, I'll just keep knitting.

What are you working on lately?


  1. I really can't say how much I admire your ability to knit clothing for your family. I'm still plugging away at those longies - half a leg left! If the kids give me time I hope to take some photos for a belated WIP Wednesday post. (:

  2. Thank you:) It is so satisfying to be able to do this for them, and watch their reactions of joy from such a simple pleasure!

    I can't wait to see your longies finished:)

  3. wow your a buisy knitter, it all looks gorgeous! Love your idea last post about making ornaments from kids artwork

  4. You are a beautiful knitter! Good luck with your property search!