An upcycled gallimaufry...

Mike had the week off, which meant the kids got to spend some time playing football and I got to spend some quality time with my sewing machine!  There's really no rhyme or reason to this collection of upcycled items, just went where the wind carried me...

Doesn't this remind you of salt water taffy?  It's just as soft and squishy as its counterpart too!

The Triangulum Constellation...   Near the Andromeda Galaxy, a triangle was placed amongst the stars to commemorate the division of the universe amongst the three sons of Cronus : Zeus received the heavens, Poseidon the sea, and Hades the underworld. 

Greensleeves, a traditional English folk song...

Kalsonger, means pants in Swedish.

Autumn Harvest Coat.  Just because it's fall, and who can resist a striped upcycled hoodie jacket?!

 Or an upcycled orange plaid vintage blanket?!

  The cool air and golden colors at twilight...

 And last but not lease, Wild Rose.  For my sweet baby niece, who always smells so sweet.

All of these unique, OOAK items are available for sale in my shop!  Also, don't forget to stop back this weekend for another big Handmade for the Holidays Giveaway!!


  1. Oh my! I love the hoodie, the twilight pants, and the taffy pants! Love love love! I hadn't looked at your shop in a few days but when I did this morning - those sun longies are *gorgeous!*

    I'm working on knitting my first pair of longies. Everyone says they're so easy, but I'm just not seeing it.

  2. Thank you! Are you knitting longies in the round? They're much easier!!! Let me know if you have any questions:) Also, which pattern are you using, if you don't mind me asking??

  3. I am knitting in the round - I avoided patterns that wanted me to knit them flat. I think the problems I'm having are.. well.. I didn't swatch. It called for a certain number of stitches across and down for 4 inches and my skein claimed it had more across and less down. So I figured it'd be bigger around (bonus because my littlest boy is huge) and that I'd just have to add rows. But it seems so teeny. I mean, it stretches.. just. Ugh. It could be a lot of insecurity.

    I'm used to winging things and not following directions precisely. It seems that might not be so great for knitting.

    The pattern I'm using is here:

  4. You can wing anything as long as you have gauge;) That's a cute pattern, thanks for the link! If you're not too far along, it would be worth it to start over and get a good fit (I know, easier said than done!)

  5. I'm not all that far into it. My husband says I should just finish them and give them away if they don't fit. Instead of making a decision about it I've been fooling around with knitting animals. Of course, I seem to be failing at them, too. Blergh. It has not been my week knitting-wise.

  6. Okay. I have a question. This may be stupid because I'm self-taught (though light on the teaching *ahem*).

    When you knit something (clothes, specifically) will it be smaller simply because it needs to be blocked? See, when the stitches for the longies are spaced "normally" on the needles, the measurements are spot-on. But the part that is already knitted seems teeny. Is that normal?

    I usually ask my step-mother these sorts of things because she's the only local knitter that I know, but she's out of town. (:

    Thanks so much for putting up with me. (:

  7. I LOVE to give knitting help, so don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need!

    Blocking won't change the size, it just gives it a nice shape.

    The stitches on the needle will not give you an accurate gauge. You need to knit up at least a four inch sample ( I would make a small hat) in the round to get an accurate measure. Knitting back and forth on straight needles just won't do either, because you'll likely knit and purl at different gauges. When you've finished your swatch, take it off the needle and lay it flat, and without stretching it, mark off a 4 inch section. Now measure EXACTLY (down to the fraction of an inch) how many stitches you have over four inches. That's your gauge! Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!!