~Feature:: FlimsyBooks~

~Feature::  FlimsyBooks~
Flimsy Books: Vintage Lit for the Busy Modern.

In their own words...  "Creeper" was Victorian slang for "scary story." 
Our Flimsy Creepers present classic tales and tidbits from the golden ages of ghostly literature, when writers like Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and Bram Stoker turned their talents to the art of fear. 

Printed on creamy parchment with black card covers and elegantly stab-bound in crimson cotton, each Flimsy Creeper features delectably eerie cover art. 

Ideal gifts for Halloween. Perfect stocking-stuffers for Christmas, the Victorians' traditional time for scary stories. 

~Collect all 12 Creepers from their Etsy shop, FlimsyBooks~

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