Playing hookie

Everyone cut out early today to spend a fleeting warm autumn day at Cole's favorite park.  It was one of those days when the air was just cool enough to be comfortable, and if you sat still for a moment, the sun was just high enough to wrap your shoulders in a blanket of warmth.

Luke studies the new train he picked up at Goodwill...

and I con the guys into picking up every buckeye they could find, because they're edible and great for dyeing fiber!  Right?

Wrong.  Due to their high tannic acid content, buckeyes are not edible.  They do, however, work for dyeing fiber brown, so I believe an experiment is in order next week.  I'll post a tutorial if it all works out!

What do you do when playing hookie?


  1. Great post, yes buckeyes are poisonous! My husband just brought home a bag of chestnuts he gathered and i spend a ton of time online making sure they are indeed chestnuts and NOT buckeyes. :) Yours are most definitely buckeyes.

    i gave you a blog award on my site! Stop by to claim it!! :)

  2. Thanks, Tree! I just went to look at your photos and I had no idea chestnuts look so similar to buckeyes!!

  3. Lovely day! We get lots of horse chestnuts - I think they are the same as your buckeyes but no sweet chestnuts in our area. Lots of hazelnuts and walnuts to forage for in the wild - wonderful. do show us if you experiment with dyeing with the buckeyes.