How to make pear sauce

Every year about this time when the leaves begin to swirl, a not so dwarf pear tree across the street begins to drop its fruit like grenades from a WWII fighter plane.  The deer and squirrels usually beat us to the juicy buffet, but this year my husband and I happened to be strolling along under the giant pear tree on a blustery moonlit evening when I got hit on the back of the head with a piece of fruit!  We frantically gathered all of the pummeling pears our shirts could hold and headed for home to make pear sauce!!

First, wash all of the dirt off the fruit...

Next, cut out all of the bruises and seeds...

Load up your pot and cook on medium heat until soft...

Mash the soft fruit with a potato masher or food processor until the pears are the consistency of apple sauce.  Fill the jars within a quarter inch of the top.  We sealed the jars by boiling them for 30 minutes in a large canning pot...



  1. Your pear sauce sounds delicious!!! What a adventuresome walk you had returning with wonderful treasures....

    Have a beautiful start to October. xxx

  2. Looks so good! We planted pear trees last year and can't wait for them to start bearing.

  3. What a lovely blog you have....thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.... Sarah, we planted a pear tree last year too! This year we had one pear on the whole tree, so I'm hoping next year will have a better yield~

  5. OH, How I get chills...just the thought of a wonderful find right across the street!

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