In our attempt to defeat the beginning of the week blues, we've decided to make Monday our day of adventuring!  Each week a new or long forgotten park.  A different library.  And a lot of fun~

Our original plan entailed a fun outdoor play space called Teddy Bear Park.  However, 100 screaming three year olds detoured us to the river for a few hours...

After a good run with the gulls and filling our bellies with some delicious treats from the co~op, we rested under the arms of a welcoming oak tree.  A gentle breeze in our hair and the sounds of water lapping against the rocks lulled them both to sleep...

Sssshhh.  I can't reveal too much, but I have a surprise to show you next Monday.  Here's a sneak peek and a clue...

thirty garter stitch squares

Oh yes, we did make it to Teddy Bear Park, but fake rock and astroturf isn't really our style.  Have a wonderful week~


  1. That looks remarkably like the yarn I'm using to make a felted bowl for the Imp's birthday. It's "fisherman's wool" - light off-white with a brown streak. I'm new to the whole knitting/yarn thing. So maybe it's just a really common combination. (:

  2. It is fisherman's wool! I absolutely LOVE the quality and versatility of this wool. Not to mention it's so soft and squishy!

  3. Monday adventuring sounds like a fine idea.