To dye for...

Really, what else needs to be said about these gorgeous new colorways I've created using low~impact dyes and 100% sustainable virgin wool!  

The first is named, Carnival, inspired by a series of photos I took of the boys at our local small town summer festival.  

From the hot pink cotton candy that melts on your tongue, to the bountiful array of produce and fresh cut flowers at the farmer's market; I wanted to celebrate this time of year when vibrant color is transforming all around us.  

The summer goes by so fast here in Wisconsin, that I never want to rush the warmth away, but I long for my favorite time of year when the forest evolves into a peaceful extravaganza of color!  My second colorway Autumn Splendor, carries a more muted palate of teal, avocado, plum, rust, & golds to warm you against the cool autumn breezes.

Look at all those amazing transitions!  No two stitches will ever be the same ~

I've split Autumn Splendor into approximately 50 gram hanks (worsted weight) and will have them for sale in my shop sometime Tuesday afternoon.  This size hank would be perfect for the Luna Sweater or if you're like me, just to leave laying around the house and admire!


  1. I've just learned to knit after so many failed attempts - turns out I just needed one minor adjustment to casting on. And loosening up. It's amazing how many aspects of my life would benefit from loosening up. (:

    Your blog has been an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much~ Funny, I had the exact same problem learning to cast on. I even broke my first circular needle from knitting so tightly:) I thought it was a defect in the needle, but it turns out it was just my uptight nature. It's good to know that I've loosened up a lot over the years, in more ways than one!

  3. Your yarn is amazing! I went on a dyeing workshop yesterday and it was so much fun:)
    Take care

  4. So beautiful! Off to purchase some to knit up some autumn goodies.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. How gorgeous! there's just so many colors packed in there.