Friday field trip...

After a long hot day at the park exploring the flooded river valley, 

and running to the post office to drop these in the mail,

we agreed to cool off at the grand opening of our neighboring town's new library.  Over the last few weeks, our favorite library has moved a block south to a larger, more spacious building to accommodate their rapidly growing population.  

Call me a geek, but I love the smell of a library!  That musty smell of paper and cellophane makes me giddy and excited at all of the possibilities just waiting for me to unfold.  

(my favorite story when I was a little girl)

The boys settled right in, 

and I went off to explore on my own.  It's such a nice change to have the adult section just a few feet away from the children's area.  I can keep an eye on them, but still be able to browse in peace

Lucas deemed the carpet, "Kinda scratchy,"  but the librarian reassured him that the old plush couches were soon on their way!


Of course, I got in some knitting today!  Here's a preview of a sweater pattern I'm designing for the new fall line~up.  I am sooooo excited about this one, but now that I'm almost to the arm pits and ready to add in the detailing, I'm thinking it may be easier to knit it from the top down?!  We'll see how it goes...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend~

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  1. sweet post! LOVE thos rainbow shorts :)

    I know a little girl who would love those for next year :)

    and we're off to the library too today, a little break from the heat!