Aquatic life at the library...

Yesterday's summer reading program, Aquatic Animal Life, was a huge success!  About 50 kids of all ages joined Jake and his friends for some engaging and explorative information about our local aquatic animal life, as well as some beautiful live specimens...

First up, the giant bullfrog.  
We even heard a few demonstrations of a bullfrog's croak (from the guys, not the frog)!

I have to admit, painted turtles are mighty cute!
Except when they pee on you.

Gordon told fascinating tales of local (and not so local), dangerous animals.

Jake finished off the program with a snapping turtle he found in the river just the night before!  
She weighs 18lbs and was promptly returned to her home that afternoon~

I'm thinking Jake may have found his calling; Naturalist.  He came home interrogating me about when and where he could set up another show!! 

What interesting animals have you come across this summer?

(Warning, shameless plug!!) You can read more about Gordon's captivating tales in his newest book, Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals.

“I read Deadly Kingdom with my dog in my lap and my heart in my throat. It's a wonderful, slightly terrifying, utterly captivating encounter with the animal world – not quite like anything I've ever read before. I think the only way I could possibly have enjoyed this more is if I happened to be an adventurous twelve year-old boy, but still, even for a fully domesticated forty year-old woman, it was both a thrill and an education."– Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Committed

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  1. Here's my latest encounter with the animal (reptile) world.
    Next poisonous desert toad in our pool, I'll get pictures.
    And I LOVE Turtles!