On my needles...

I'm really enjoying this little summer lull in sales to create some new one~of~a~kind pieces for fall.  On my needles, is a pair of wide~leg longies with yarn I dyed to be reminiscent of a night's sky at dusk, illuminated by a full moon.

For this design, I'm planning on loads of hand knit and crochet applique, maybe a little needle felting, and a few other surprises too...

What's in your work basket this week?


  1. Love the colour! Thanks for posting on Creative Friday:)

  2. Beautiful!!! I'm a novice knitter, so I'm drooling over the possibility of doing knitted pants!!! I'm currently working on a baktus...using some Noro silk garden...also putting the finishing touches on a toadstool house for a trade!!
    xo maureen