Laundry Day...

Laundry day... You know what I'm talking about.  The mountain.  The scrubbing.  The rinsing.  The wringing.  The hanging.  The folding.  The hoping it gets put away before it makes it back to the mountain...

In between loads of laundry, here's what we accomplished today...
Afternoon nap on my lap...

knitting while said kid sleeps on lap...

post~nap reading...

Here are a few etsy finds that are sure to help sustain you through to that last layer of the mountain...

As if anyone needed an excuse!   

I tried some of this last winter and it is amazing!  

I really want one of these to do the laundry outside this summer.

Remarkably, even without a dryer, we still have the sock problem. 

Useful for a multitude of purposes.  

In my world, all days would end like this.  

Have a wonderful week, everyone~ 


  1. sweet post! love the napping boy photo - how precious.

    we too have said sock problem, without a dryer. naughty sock fairies?

  2. Gosh, I wish I had just one laundry day! The "regular" laundry never seems to be completely done, as though the hamper were actually bottomless - or self-regenerating! Not to speak of all the diapers I wash. Happily, my toddler (the Imp) loves to help me with the laundry. It makes him so happy that I can't seem to mind the work like I once did.

  3. Thanks for having my laundry detergent! Love the pic of the poor lady looking for socks in the dryer! Thats hilarious!

  4. oh the things I can say about laundry... I will say this: at one point in time I had to melt snow to wash diapers while living off grid, needless to say the second child was diaper free...

  5. Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments! I love reading about all of your experiences~

    Jen~ The sock fairy (or the squirrels) stole about 90% of our socks this winter! I'm thinking the rest will get tie~dyed for some funky miss matched wearables!!

    eidolons~ My kids love to help with the wash too! Especially, in the hot weather we've been having. Now if they were just tall enough to hang it on the line, I'd be set:)

    Libby~ I rolled on the floor for a good 10 minutes when I saw that one!!!!!

    Three Owls~ We're trying to figure out how to do hot water off grid, any ideas?? I can say that melting snow doesn't sound like a lot of fun, considering a bucket full of snow doesn't yield a bucket full of water! (hehe. found that out the hard way!)