Sunday at the beach...

Forecast for the next four days... RAIN.  So we spent 10 hours at the beach today, with friends, while Mike went to work.  The air was abnormally hot and steamy for a May afternoon in Wisconsin, and the cool water was a welcome relief.  We had many laughs, caught many critters, and watched many loons, bluebirds, cranes, and woodpeckers.  To my dismay, I forgot the camera so you'll have to settle for a few gorgeous Etsy items that have been inspired by the day...

                                                COSMIC FIREFLY




I hope you were all able to spend a beautiful weekend with friends and love ones~


  1. and steamy here in Ontario. We have a long weekend, so the holiday contiues today!

  2. Beautiful items. Love the skirt.
    Here it's hot with 91F + , but the humidity is not so high yet. My favorite time of Florida summers.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Sounds like an awesome time, I miss the beach!

  4. ~Happy National Patriots' Day, Eve~

  5. oh, sooo lovely! i miss the beach very much, and these picks are just perfect.

  6. I remember many a childhood day spent on the beaches of Wisconsin! It sounds like you had fun! No too many beaches here in AZ!