Summer studio...

Thought you might like to take a peek into our "summer studio"...

When the kids and I aren't at the beach or in the woods this summer, our work and play will befall under the arms of our enormous 100 year old basswood tree.  Today, our studio includes::

A little reading, a lot of music, a small fort, and a lucrative lemonade stand.

I also brought out my treasured spinning wheel, built by my Grandpa Wagner a few years ago, when on a whim I decided I'd like to try making my own yarn~  Like my knitting, he doesn't use patterns for his woodworking.  Instead he spent an afternoon at a local historical center, studying their wheels and proceeded to build mine from a fallen cherry tree off of my uncle's land in Michigan.  Every piece is hand crafted including the pins and axel~  

I bought this fleece from the Shepherd's Harvest last year, minutes after watching it being shorn!  I have a lot of learning to do, but I do believe these hanks turned out lovely~  

~I hope your studio space surrounds you with love and inspiration~
If you're so inclined, post a link of your favorite place to work.


  1. what a beautiful post. your set up is delightful - i can almost feel the sweet breezes under the basswood tree.

  2. How wonderful and to have a Grandpa's love like that, you are rich...for that has more value then any amount of gold!!
    I love the set up!

  3. I love that it looks like a set up:) hehe. Each kid drug out their own chair and plopped down! Mostly, it's arranged to keep our 90 pound english setter at bay! I can't wait for the sweet flowers to bloom next month:) aaahhh~

  4. so beautiful!!! I just busted out serendipity yesterday, a handmade wheel my great aunt handed down to me. you never know what that wonky girl will spin...

  5. i want to borrow your grandfather.

  6. How could anything get better than having a handmade spinning wheel made by Grandpa? I am impressed by your family.

  7. Yay! Thanks for have such a lovely spot under the old basswood tree.