A simple life conflicted...

In my quest for a simple life, free from materialistic goods, I find myself conflicted about why I'm so fond of these glasses.
How can an object make me so happy? 


My mother was cleaning out her cupboards again, and brought me a box of miniature jars, vases, and of course these beautiful aqua glasses.  I can't remember where they came from;  I may have even given them to her as a gift.  Whoever the donor, as long as I can remember they have always been in the cupboard next to the hand made pottery bowls,
and I have always admired them.

Only five remain, but then there are only five of us to use them!

For now, I will just surround myself with their beautiful memories and be content that I didn't compromise any of my beliefs in acquiring them.

I think a little ~move me brightly~ tea, from The Peaceful Peacock is in order on this warm spring afternoon~


  1. How lovely, I think for me working towards a simple life means having a few lovely things I treasure. If the cups make you happy keep them we all deserve to have joy in our life!

  2. Those are so beautiful!!!!
    If you ever feel you need to get rid of them, I can offer them a really good home with me. :0)


  3. You didn't go looking for glasses...they just arrived in your life, complete with memories. Guilt free, I say.

  4. Thanks everyone:) I've never quite had this reaction before, so it was very unsettling for me. I think they must have carried along some wonderful energy in them, because my boys are absolutely awestruck with them too! We just can't stop looking at them~

  5. Hi Liz,
    As we live a very simple life and most of our possessions were either given to us or found at thrift shops or yard sales, I know what you mean about wondering how a "thing" could make you so happy. I know that I have a few beautiful items - like a pottery vase and hand stitched table cloths that I love to add to our home - just a bit of pretty goodness.
    The glasses are beautiful - may you have many happy moments drinking from them!
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  6. The glasses seemed to have "acquired" you! May you drink and celebrate many happy memories!

  7. even the most simple life should be lived beautifully.
    those glasses are divine.

  8. a little move me brightly made into tea concentrate and added to honey-sweetened lemonade. yup. the perfect fit for such beautiful glasses.