My how things change & grow...

                                                                      The business of knitting

                                                                                       ...and spinning

                                                                     solitary contemplation...

                              thirty toes growing rapidly up from the earth...

                                                      bountiful berries soon to ripen...

                                                                          relationships forged...

What is changing and growing in your life this week?


  1. I love these photos so much. So, so lovely and the words go so well with them.
    My two year old daughter and I were excited to harvest the coriander seeds from our old cilantro plant. We gathered them in a jar and then winnowed them back and forth between to jars, in front of the kitchen window fan, to remove the remaining plant debris. I love to harvest!

  2. I love the photos and the one with the turtle needs to be blown up and on a wall!!!!

    What is changing and growing in your life this week?
    Eating without wheat and knowing there is still some yummy left in the world.

    My daughter talking like a "person" not a 2 year old!

    My son Max did MORE then what I asked of him (big step for boys)


  3. I had to go and look up "winnowing" on wiki and now I know why you love to harvest! I think you need a video for your blog:)

    Ah yes Beccijo, eating wheat free is a minute by minute challenge in our house! My husband is the only one not allergic and he loves to tease us with OREOS!

  4. this was a very beautiful photos. such touching photos, they speak with such emotion.

    our seeds have sprouted in the garden, especially the ones my daughter planted with such care. the cherries on our tree are growing and green. they are my favorite treats in the world - i make up a sauce with them (once we've had our fill of the ones off the tree) and freeze it for the winter.

    our days seem much, much faster now, richer and full of such color and texture.

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  6. Sorry, posted as my alter ego before, then tried to delete it so I could post as 'myself'.

    Such beautiful pictures, I adore the turtle. Lots of changes here - school out for the summer, and my children are now young men. (At least one of them is...cutting the apron strings...)

  7. Right now, things in the garden are changing daily. Yesterday we had our first strawberry and pea pod! Every day is different whether we notice it or not, a unique moment in time.