Faerie land...

I stumbled upon this fairy ring under a crab apple tree yesterday evening, while walking our dog...

Mike says this reminds him of a certain mama encircled by her three boys...

Do you see them?  Look closely...

I hope you have a magical weekend~

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My how things change & grow...

                                                                      The business of knitting

                                                                                       ...and spinning

                                                                     solitary contemplation...

                              thirty toes growing rapidly up from the earth...

                                                      bountiful berries soon to ripen...

                                                                          relationships forged...

What is changing and growing in your life this week?
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New neighbors...

The heat brought us outside again today.  Fortunately, we were able to meet some of our seasonable neighbors...

And learn how not to trap minnows...

(It really was hilarious.  They tried to trap a school of minnows for two hours, before finally admitting defeat!)

Hope you had a beautiful day and took the time to meet some beautiful creatures~


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It's all about the water...

It's going to be all about the ~water~ this week!  The weather man changed his mind and decided instead of a series of rain showers, he'd order up a helping of hot, humid, sticky, disgusting, absurdly abnormal for Wisconsin in May, 90 degree days with 49% humidity.  Yes, I will be feisty and using a lot of adjectives for the rest of the week or until this monstrous weather dissipates.  I completely understand if you don't want to join me in my pitty party (as I know some of my readers still have snow!) By next Monday, I'm sure that I'll be back to my old (wait, young) chipper self ~ maybe even with a few new knitting patterns to share!

However, my fantastic, wonderful, thoughtful, magnificent, superb, sensational husband surprised us with a pizza and a kiddy pool after work. (See, I told you there'd be a few extra adjectives.)  So I didn't have to cook and we aren't complaining about the heat, as much!

That water is ice cold (my toes are still numb)!

The first slide in is always the hardest!

Pure joy!

Of course, they had a contest to see who could splash the farthest!
Dad won!!

I hope you have a wonderful week~
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Sunday at the beach...

Forecast for the next four days... RAIN.  So we spent 10 hours at the beach today, with friends, while Mike went to work.  The air was abnormally hot and steamy for a May afternoon in Wisconsin, and the cool water was a welcome relief.  We had many laughs, caught many critters, and watched many loons, bluebirds, cranes, and woodpeckers.  To my dismay, I forgot the camera so you'll have to settle for a few gorgeous Etsy items that have been inspired by the day...

                                                COSMIC FIREFLY




I hope you were all able to spend a beautiful weekend with friends and love ones~

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Taking a stand...

I normally try to bring about a positive light here under the tree, but tonight I'm just beside myself with grief at how irresponsible our world has become.  I just want to stand on top of a cliff over the Gulf of Mexico and scream...


What are you standing up for today?
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Summer studio...

Thought you might like to take a peek into our "summer studio"...

When the kids and I aren't at the beach or in the woods this summer, our work and play will befall under the arms of our enormous 100 year old basswood tree.  Today, our studio includes::

A little reading, a lot of music, a small fort, and a lucrative lemonade stand.

I also brought out my treasured spinning wheel, built by my Grandpa Wagner a few years ago, when on a whim I decided I'd like to try making my own yarn~  Like my knitting, he doesn't use patterns for his woodworking.  Instead he spent an afternoon at a local historical center, studying their wheels and proceeded to build mine from a fallen cherry tree off of my uncle's land in Michigan.  Every piece is hand crafted including the pins and axel~  

I bought this fleece from the Shepherd's Harvest last year, minutes after watching it being shorn!  I have a lot of learning to do, but I do believe these hanks turned out lovely~  

~I hope your studio space surrounds you with love and inspiration~
If you're so inclined, post a link of your favorite place to work.

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A simple life conflicted...

In my quest for a simple life, free from materialistic goods, I find myself conflicted about why I'm so fond of these glasses.
How can an object make me so happy? 


My mother was cleaning out her cupboards again, and brought me a box of miniature jars, vases, and of course these beautiful aqua glasses.  I can't remember where they came from;  I may have even given them to her as a gift.  Whoever the donor, as long as I can remember they have always been in the cupboard next to the hand made pottery bowls,
and I have always admired them.

Only five remain, but then there are only five of us to use them!

For now, I will just surround myself with their beautiful memories and be content that I didn't compromise any of my beliefs in acquiring them.

I think a little ~move me brightly~ tea, from The Peaceful Peacock is in order on this warm spring afternoon~
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You may have heard me say this before (I know, it's becoming repetitive), but I'm infatuated with knitting patterns right now!  These easy little numbers knit up faster than you can make a loaf of bread. (Hey, you should knit one of my patterns and make bread!  Your family will bow down to you with praise)

Plus, I can try out so many different designs without the commitment of a full size piece!

All patterns may be purchased at my shop or on ravelry                                   

Color patterns, ruffles, ribbing, and the pattern for human sized wide leg longies coming soon....

Love my yarn?  I'm also working on some kits with my beautiful hand dyed yarn and a surprise ~ a very eco friendly design for the packaging.  I can't wait to share it with you!

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Sunday at the Beach

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon at the beach...

  Squishing little toes in the wet sand.

Deciding that woolies may not be the best option for swimming!  (No worries ~ woolies will bounce right back to their original shape when dry.)

  Learning the life long skill of rock skipping.

Taking the boys fly fishing for our evening meal...

and leaving mama alone for two hours of peaceful knitting. 
(Yes, I've written up the pattern for these stunning lace fingerless mitts.
It should be available in about a week or so!)

I hope you enjoyed your day~

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