Tutorial: How to Tie Dye T-shirts

Instead of dyeing eggs every spring, we tie dye t-shirts.  Here's how we do it::

*Collect t-shirts through out the year from Goodwill and thrift shops.  The t's in the photos were donated to me brand new with the tags still on them!! SCORE~  Some are organic and some are from Old Navy (which ordinarily I wouldn't use except they were shipped with the others)

*Wash shirts to get rid of all the sizing (do not dry)

*Scrunch the shirts into a ball and wrap with rubber bands

*Mix your dye according to directions (We use Jacquard dyes~ low impact & eco friendly)

*Add 1/4c. vinegar, enough water to cover shirts, and dye to pot (don't use it again for food)

*Boil until all the color is absorbed into the cotton

*Wash shirts again in hot water and dry on the clothes line

*Stop by the shop on Wednesday to purchase these beautiful artisan hand dyed organic baby t's
A percentage of the profits will be donated to our local food shelf 

~hunger knows no season~


  1. what a gorgeous post, and stunning photos, nevermind the beautiful mission behind your dying. I'll be sure to check them out in your shop. it is so true that hunger knows no season :) this year for our daughter's bday we asked her friends (and their parents) to bring food to donate rather than gifts.

  2. That is a lovely idea!! We have a huge extended family and between the five of our birthdays, we could gather up a van load of non perishables!!

  3. Great post! I've always wanted to give it a try. Good job, they look beautiful! The cause is great too!

  4. Those are beautiful!! Do the tees have to start off white, or can you use any light colored tshirt?

  5. Great color blend on your last photo. How did you get them to do that?

    1. Thanks, Alissa! I repeatedly dipped them in different colors of dye, re-tying them each time.