Nature Journals

All throughout the year our family does nature journaling in one way or another.  A spiral notebook that gets lugged around in the backpack while berry picking or scrap pieces of paper with sketches of the latest bird Luke has discovered.  I thought this year for the Spring Equinox, I would surprise everyone with their own custom, beautifully handcrafted nature journal from apwyne.  I think a treasure hunt is in order...


  1. What an absolutely beautiful gift! And more beautiful to me is that your family all journal!

    Your blog title captured my attention because of a book I just finished by Joan Klostermann-Ketels titled "PersonaliTrees." I'm imagining each person in your family sitting under their favorite tree with its own personality and name, writing in their new journals and all of you coming together and sharing your thoughts at the end of the day.

    True or not, it makes me smile. I miss my family. Time to call them. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for introducing me to this book, Kate. I'm heading to the library web site to order it as we speak!

    You were just about right:) Today we sat surrounded by trees at our favorite park and wrote our first entries!

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