Greenman Buttons + Hemp yarn = Fantabulous Longies

Woooo hooo!  My hemp yarn arrived in the mail today, and I must say that it is so much softer than I ever expected it to be.  I spent a good part of an hour twirling the worsted weight plant fiber around my fingers, imagining all the custom longies...

Also in the mail box came another little present, two of the most stunningly handcrafted buttons you have ever seen.  Skye, owner of Green Man Buttons, creates these little works of art from Standing Deadwood in North Carolina's Smokey Mountains.

First, I ordered the shooting star.

Then he posted this butterfly that looks as if it's about to come to life and fly right off the page.  I bought that one too.

Then, I thought if he could do intricate shapes, why not a tree.  I convo'ed.  He created.  And now I have my own exclusive gnarly oak tree buttons for my new fall line!

He's been speaking of hair sticks and I'm trying to talk him into some handcrafted knitting needles!

If you'd like to check him out and see his latest project, you can find Skye on Etsy@  GreenManButtons



  1. Those buttons are amazing1 Off to check out the shop...can't wait to see what you create from the hemp...:)

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