Favorite Knitting Books...

I love knitting books.  Especially knitting books with stunning natural photography.  I must admit, I rarely read knitting books for their content and only buy them for their visual art.  This probably explains why I rarely make anything from a pattern.  All my designs are knit individually based on body measurements.  When I start a knitting project, I see the end result as a photograph in my mind.  The color, the texture, the drape are all thought out before I begin.  As I move through the piece, I'm not concerned about the exact right number of stitches or how many rows to the inch I have, but whether it looks proportionately beautiful.  If I can lay it out and see that the composition of the garment is precise, I have succeeded and it will fit perfectly every time.

That being said, I have read five knitting books that I would recommend every literate human own.  Complete with personal photographs, they are all authored by the free~thinking, opinionated knitter, Elizabeth Zimmermann.

If you are a knitter, then you know what I'm talking about and I need go no further.  If you are not, read them anyway.  She writes like a personal diary, recounting her fantastic travels and adventures as a child all the way through adulthood.  Her humor and wit are engaging and will remind you to be confident in your abilities ~ whatever they may be.

1. Knitter's Almanac
2. Knitting Workshop
3. The Opinionated Knitter
4. Knitting Around
5. Knitting Without Tears

What are your favorite knitting books?

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