Adventures in soap making

I made cold press Castile soap for the first time four very long weeks ago and it's finally finished!!!  WOO HOO!!  This was definitely a test of my patience to let it cure for that long.  I even had to move it to the basement about a week into the process so I wasn't tempted to cheat!

The kids tried it out this morning in the bath tub and it's a hit.  No overpowering scents and no itching on my son's highly sensitive skin~


Ingredients:  ORGANIC coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, lye, and distilled water

Here's another creation (equally exciting!!)

Castile with Hazelnut Coffee Beans and Oatmeal.  This one has earned a permanant home in my soap dish in the kitchen!  Perfect for removing cooking odors from your hands while gently exfoliating, leaving your hands soft and beautiful!

Both of these will be for sale in the shop tomorrow. $4.50 each.  If you'd like to order outside of etsy, just email me at and I'll send you a paypal invoice~


  1. hmmm, this makes me think of when you change a diaper and your hand still smells like poo no matter how much you wash it, never mind that you never got poo on your hand to begin with! so, you think the soap takes out that smell? hah a

  2. Ewwww! I remember those days. I'm definitely sure that it would take that smell off:)

  3. I love hand made soap, the only thing I use! We also make laundry detergent from it!

  4. I've been making the jelly kind for years , but I'd love to try the powdered flakes out of my bar soap!