Red Footed Longies

My kiddos never, never ever leave socks on their feet, even in the dead of winter.  I mean none of them.  It must be genetic, because I never have liked wearing them either (unless handknit by a beautiful friend).  As a mom, I want them to decide for themselves what they feel they need to keep warm, but as a mom I have the insatiable desire to keep them warm and toasty.  Knowing that I can't possibly be the only mom struggling with this dilemma, I've designed some footed longies.  I can't decide if I want to knit a dozen of these things as custom orders (as their will be dozens of orders for these!!) or sell the pattern. Hmmm.  I'd love to hear your opinion:)

They are a huge hit.  Luke wore them for the first four days in row, refusing to take them off.  I was a little worried if the feet would hold up to four year old activity,  but I was ecstatic to find that the bottoms of the feet have felted beautifully to the shape of his toes. Lots of room for night time cloth diapers.  Easy enough for him to get on and off to use the bathroom during the day and NO COLD FEET!  Although they probably weren't cold to begin with, just my issues!


  1. fabulous! my 6mo is quite expert at getting things off his feet. these would thwart him wonderfully!

  2. those are wonderful- I need to learn to knit! that's on my to do list-