Free Acorn Hat Knitting Pattern

Think I might try to get a little more organized in my life as spring approaches.  I feel like I've been spending a lot of time on the computer lately not really accomplishing anything, so I'm going to try having a daily theme and help myself keep up with family, friends, business, etc.  I'm not sure what the themes are going to be yet and as a self proclaimed schedule~fobe (if there is such a thing?!) I'm prone to changing my mind on a whim.   I've been wanting to have a knitting pattern of the week for a while now, so here it goes....

Adult Acorn Hat Knitting Pattern
(I personally love the slightly pointed top and HUGE tassel on this one!!)

Worsted Weight Wool  (approx 100 yds)
Size 6 ~ 16" circular knitting needle
Size 6 ~ double pointed needles

Gauge:  5sts  and 7 rows = 1 inch

Cast on 102 sts on circular needle (make sure to leave at least a 12" tail to sew up border seam)
Row 1: Slip first stitch.  Knit to end and turn.
Repeat row 1, 7 more times.
Join and start knitting round and round until it measures 6" from co edge.

Start decreasing the top:
Knit 15 sts,  k2tog.  Repeat this 5 more times.
Knit 1 round plain.
Knit 14 sts, k2tog.  Repeat this 5 more times.
Knit 1 round plain.
Knit 13 sts, k2tog.  Repeat this 5 more times.
Knit 1 round plain.
Continue like this until you have about 50 sts left and change to dp needles.
Continue in decrease pattern until you have 6 sts left.
Break off about a 12" tail and sew the tail through the six sts and pull tight.  Darn in end.
Sew up garter stitch border and darn in end.

To make the large tassel, I wrap the yarn short ways around a dvd case approx 100 times.  Slide the yarn off and tie a knot around the middle.  Cut through the ends and attach at the top of your hat!

I'd love to see your pics when you're done!!



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  3. Can you tell me what this means: Row 1: Slip first stitch. Knit to end and turn. (I'm a new knitter, and I don't know what "and turn" means.) Thank you. Love your patterns!

  4. What are dp needles?

  5. How do I 'JOIN' the same color of yarn from row 7 to row 8 and start knitting round and round until it measures 6 " from (co) edge? Thank you. It mentions on you to do the 2nd row using the TAIL. If I used the TAIL to JOIN row 7 to row 8, I would have a LARGE YARN OVER. HELP.