Tutorial: How to make a drawstring bag

When I started selling my woolies on Etsy, I wanted to create packaging that, like my knitting, would be beautiful, functional and good for the earth (I make all my bags out of upcycled clothing or leftover scraps of fabric).  My kiddos had me knitting oodles of little drawstring bags for their collections of rocks, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, trinkets and pirate money.  I loved knitting these for my boys but knitting them for gift bags was out of the question.  I started scouring the Internet for tutorials on how to sew drawstring bags, but none of them were quite what I wanted, either too complicated or time consuming.  In typical sittingtree style, I made up my own pattern.  Feel free to modify it anyway that suits your needs, and I'd love to see your results!

First decide how big you want the bag to be. 
*For the height, add 1 1/2" to the top and 5/8" to the bottom.
*For the width, double the size and add 1" to each end.  If you have a serger or don't care about neat edges you could just add a standard 5/8"

Next, fold over the ends 1/2" and press, then fold over again and press again.

Next, fold and press top down 1/2" the. fold and press again to create a pocket for string.

Stitch along edge of the top fold to create pocket

Fold bag in half, with right sides together.  Starting just below the drawstring pocket, sew down the sides and across the bottom. (don't make my mistake of sewing the pocket closed!)

Turn bag right side out and press

With a large blunt needle, feed cord through pocket, fill with treasures, and tie shut!


  1. You are so inspiring and I WILL own a pair of your woolies (for my son) someday! Love the draw string bag. LOVE IT!

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