Homemade Liquid Dish Soap Recipe

My yummy new homedmade soap came in the mail today, so I finally get to make liquid dish soap I've been wanting to try for ages!!!

2c. Lemongrass soap shavings
2-3c hot water
Bucket with a lid

*Fill a bucket with hot water
*Melt the shavings in a pot and pour into the bucket
*Stir mixture and  put a lid on the bucket. Let it sit overnight.
*In the morning, stir it up and pour into a recycled soap bottle
*Shake before each use
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Upcycled Yarn Container

I love my furry family members, but I'm sick and tired of picking fur out of my yarn.  What's a mama to do with limited funds?  Aha.  While eating oatmeal at breakfast this morning, I realized that the cardboard cylindar would make a perfect yarn holder.  Just cut a small circle in the lid and presto ~ no more knots, fur, or other tangled toys in my yarn!  It even makes the yarn smell like yummy oats to boot!

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