Homemade Liquid Dish Soap Recipe

My yummy new homedmade soap came in the mail today, so I finally get to make liquid dish soap I've been wanting to try for ages!!!

2c. Lemongrass soap shavings
2-3c hot water
Bucket with a lid

*Fill a bucket with hot water
*Melt the shavings in a pot and pour into the bucket
*Stir mixture and  put a lid on the bucket. Let it sit overnight.
*In the morning, stir it up and pour into a recycled soap bottle
*Shake before each use
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Upcycled Yarn Container

I love my furry family members, but I'm sick and tired of picking fur out of my yarn.  What's a mama to do with limited funds?  Aha.  While eating oatmeal at breakfast this morning, I realized that the cardboard cylindar would make a perfect yarn holder.  Just cut a small circle in the lid and presto ~ no more knots, fur, or other tangled toys in my yarn!  It even makes the yarn smell like yummy oats to boot!

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All I do is knit Adult Longies!

It has been a crazy busy week around here. I've been steadily working on a pair of adult longies and the boys have officially labeled me as boring. "All you do is knit."  HA. I guess they don't count all the other domestic chores I've graciously assumed around the house, or watercolor painting together, or taking them fishing, or hiking through the woods, or making Halloween decorations, or......

TGIF. My hubby's gone for four days, the kids are asleep, and I'm going to take a bath with my new bath tea I got from this fabulous local etsy shop called Herbal Apothecary  http://www.herbalapothecary.etsy.com/ ~ bring on the chamomile and rosemary~
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Proud new member of Etsy Cloth Diaper Team

Lots of info about the benefits of cloth diapers and of course cute cushy covers to buy:)
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Lil' Tree Hugger Wide~Leg WOolies

I LOVE doing trades, especially for hemp!  I found Elizabeth Moon and loved her work.   She wanted a pair of my Wide~Leg WOolies and I hoped for one of her eco~conscious patchwork apron tops. 
You can find lots more of her one~of~a~kind goodies at http://www.namastepatchworkcreations.com/

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Custom Hand Painted Longies

 Headed to Canada!
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Dyer's Denial

You would think that after dying fibers for all these years, I would learn to make more than enough yarn to knit with.  Well, I guess I need to be hit over the head, again....
Last week I wrapped 250 yrds of virgin wool into a skein to hand dye.  I even counted twice to make sure I had the right amount of wraps.  The festive array of fall colors was to be made into a pair of woolies.  Everything was going along splendid until I got the second leg done and the little voice in my head said that I was not going to have enough yarn to complete my pants.  In typical knitter fashion, I forged ahead, believing somehow new hand painted yarn would magically regenerate inside the ball.  To my astonishment, I ran out a quarter up the rise.  So now I'm wrapping more wool, and desperately trying to match colors.
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